yeah yeah yahya

yahya lambertz is a photographer and artist residing in dili, east timor.

he is originally from indonesia. whilst his country's military scorched east timor, he remained peacefully committed to the independence of the country.

for yahya, each craft informs the other. he has established an art school, sanggar masin (salt of the earth), that provides classes to students and opportunities to pursue scholarships in indonesia.

he's a very gentle, yet passionate fellow.

'through this period of independence, timor has wanted to move forward. it is not just journalists, not just parliament and not just the government that are going to carry timor forward. every person has to be included. those that write graffiti must also shout and campaign about how timor is to move forward. what is not right? then graffiti must express what is not right. what is right? then graffiti must express what is right.

'graffiti gives people the power to participate. it is a wonderful way to collaborate across communities. wonderful. artists can enter communities, talk, get to know communities and, together, they can move forwards.'

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