beats and peaces

paul broomfield kindly snapped the launch of peace of wall for beat magazine. his photos can be viewed right. about. here.

invurt article

the lovely fletch from invurt quizzed me about peace of wall. the result is here.

the big issue

a copy of an article for the big issue can be viewed here.

breakfast on rrr

blurry eyed but bouyant, we dined with the lovely rrr breakfasters. hear here.

swashbuckling with the sunday age

the sunday age kindly featured the men at work. their article can be read here.

conversation hour with john faine

alfeo and i chatted with kram, kaiser kuo and john faine.
you can listen to it, if you're so inclined, here


settled dust

it was all pretty fun and manic and cosy and jiggy with etson, alfeo and xisto taking on melbourne.
but now they're gone.
but their mural remains in hosier lane. and shit it's a worthy addition to an ever changing and awfully well appointed melbourne laneway.
with much love thanks hifives and heartbeats to those who made it happen in no particular order:

gabriela gansser at arte moris
mariclaire sweeney at large
martin hughes at affirm press
fiona hillary at signal youth art space
simon spain at signal youth art space
etson at ease
alfeo at ease
xisto at ease
andy mac at until never
kerry robinson at bizzness babes
bea viegas
gil santos
miles hull at little creatures / white rabbit
jye glaskin at little creatures / rhite wabbit
the lovely southpaw bar
emma at home

and a listening options for farewells and fondness


Chris Parkinson
Peace of Wall - Street Art from East Timor

May 8 - 29 2010

Etson Arintes da Costa Caminha
Alfeo Sanchez Periera
Zito Soares da Silva

6PM to 8PM Saturday May 8 2010

Zito Soares da Silva, Alfeo Sanchez Pereira and Etson Arintes da Costa Caminha, from East Timor’s free art school, Arte Moris (Art is Life) will paint directly on the walls of Until Never, and will be developing collaborative projects that will establish links between visual artists in Melbourne and East Timor.

On Saturday 8th May Zito, Alfeo and Etson will be painting a collaborative wall in Melbourne’s Hosier Lane, before opening Chris Parkinson’s photographic exhibition for Peace of Wall at Until Never, from 6:00pm.


book launch

the amazing etson, alfeo and zito have managed to descend upon melbourne from their home in east timor and will be joining us for the launch of peace of wall: street art from east timor, in melbourne on tuesday 11 may. the evening will commence at 7:30pm and will be held in the lovely southpaw bar, 189 gertrude street fitzroy.
etson alfeo and zito will be busting some very pretty shapes, and will be accompanied by bea viega, gil santos and guest djs.