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a couple of kind, and rather eminent, individuals have generously contributed some words of endorsement towards peace of wall. in no particular order:

t r i s t a n  m a n c o (art director | author | designer)

'with admirable dedication chris parkinson has produced an evocative piece of photojournalism - capturing an important moment in east timor's history through its walls... this book alerts us to the cultural value of graffiti and street art for public expression, rehabilitation and community building.'

d r  j o s e  r a m o s - h o r t a (president of east timor | nobel peace laureate)

'all graffiti, as chris has demonstrated, is at least an act of therapeutic expression for young people, a release, and a vehicle that enables the voiceless to be heard. in a country in which personal storytelling is still one of the most important and populare means of expression, i treasure all of the voices equally and i share in the beauty, and the pain, of what i see. i hope that you, too, will see what i see.'

a n t h o n y  l a p a g l i a (actor)

'deeply moving and beautifully presented, the raw expression here tells the harrowing and inspirational story of east timor.'

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